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Relocating IT Equipment in a New Office

Moving IT equipment to a new location can be a significant source of stress for many people, but it does not have to be. When you partner with Harvey Ross Taylor, to provide IT support throughout your office relocation, you can trust that your technology transition is in good hands.

Our current clients have called on us multiple times because of how well their previous relocation went. An IT move is also a perfect opportunity for you to start your new partnership with us.

One of the most essential things to remember about the moving process for us is that this is not just about moving things like office furniture, employee, or commercial storage. Instead, it’s about moving your IT equipment, getting everything set up again, and making certain that your technology is back in place as quickly as possible.

Fast, reliable and cost-effectivs IT relocation services

Our IT relocation and support services are embraced by the most technologically sophisticated businesses in the world. As a division of Harvey Ross Taylor, we provide different levels of tech services based on your IT team’s needs, giving them more time to focus on the most critical tasks during a move. With the help of our IT relocation experts, you will eliminate downtime during technology changes and relocation projects.

Our IT equipment moving services are both flexible and customizable to meet your unique requirements regardless of the challenges of your IT move. Harvey Ross Taylor can disconnect, reconnect, re-rack, package, and provide direct secure transport services.

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When IT comes to office relocation, we know that even the smallest computer can contain vital information that’s crucial to your business. That’s why we’ve employed a team of business movers who are experts at handling everything from laptops to moving huge data centers.

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By taking our IT relocation service you will get all these benefits

  • Data Center Relocation: Planning and executing a data center relocation is a challenge — these are complicated moves. Our qualified technicians are here to help you every step of the way, from planning to implementation and post-move if you need extra assistance.

  • IT Inventory Management: Keeping track of computers, printers, and related equipment often takes a backseat to other businesses, but itemizing and accounting for your technology assets improves security.

  • Cooling Requirements: If you have a larger server room, it’s going to get very hot in there very quickly. Servers put out a lot of heat, so these rooms are going to need to be cooled to the correct temperature and remain at that temperature. Otherwise, your servers may overheat.

  • IT Relocate Management: As part of our technology change project management services, we help you get organized and supervise every aspect of the project professionally.

  • IT Disconnect & Reconnect: To handle desktop workstations, computers, and other equipment quickly and accurately, we deploy specialized teams and use highly refined processes.

  • Video Conferencing Equipment: You may need additional cables and equipment installed in any conference room where you plan to do video conferencing. These conference rooms may need video screens, projectors, microphones, speakers, and other equipment.

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We know that all businesses would like to move into their new workplace fast and with as little downtime as possible, and if possible, business as usual on the next working day.
If you work with Harvey Ross Taylor you can rest assured that this will happen.
We are recognised as one of the top office moving companies within London including business districts Westminster, City of London, Canary Wharf, Lambeth, Southwark, Camden and Islington.
We have successfully moved offices of all sizes, from tiny 300 square feet spaces to whole businesses occupying many thousands square feet in high-rise commercial buildings located in London.

Our professional team of office moving and packing experts pay close care of our name and that’s the reason we offer top-quality packing and moving services at affordable prices.
We are proud of having one of the best customer satisfaction ratings in London.

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